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Sacha managed the renovations of a condo for us including gutting the master bathroom, moving walls, and fixing many years of bad renovations by previous owners. She helped us decide what needed to be done to make it look great, suggested contractors, managed the contractors, inspected their work in great detail, ordered and received all of the furniture. We do not live in the condo full time so Sacha made this project painless for us. She did all of the myriad paperwork which the condo building required and managed any glitches between the condo management and our workmen. Sacha was a stickler for details too making the workmen do some things over as well as made suggestions along the way to improve our place. She is terrific and I would highly recommend her as we are now using her services at another property.

This is my second review. Sacha has worked on many different projects for us over 3 years now. First the project reviewed above. 


Sacha did such a great job there that we hired her to upgrade a condo in FL. She listened to what we wanted, put some ideas together and presented them. Our job was to pick a layout and color scheme and then sit back and relax. Again Sacha was amazing and handled every detail. If there was a glitch Sacha handled it perfectly without us getting involved.

After that we decided to buy a bigger condo in Boston as well as renovate our farm. We would not have done either project without Sacha by our side! Simultaneously we did a new kitchen, new bathrooms, floors and a few carpentry projects in Boston, along with 4 separate projects at our farm in 4 separate buildings. Sacha supervised two different contractor crews, 2 sets of living renovations (including a new kitchen, 3 new bathrooms, and raising a ceiling), a barn attic made into a media room with a kitchen and bath, a new pool and pool house with a kitchen and bath, and a new building for our dog rescue center. The farm project involved architects,engineers, heating and electrical upgrades as well as custom cabinet makers, upholstery choices and many sub contractors. no detail was missed. I think Sacha has a photgraphic memory!


Sacha handled the move from our home in the suburbs too. We split the contents between the Boston condo and the farm marrying an 1832 Greek Revival Farm House with 1980's contemporary furnishings. Sacha hired the movers and supervised that complicated move with furniture going to multiple places.

Sacha has become a good friend. Her ability to handle so many moving parts for us is incredible and she does it all with a smile. We can not stress enough how diligent, thoughtful, prepared and mindful of the budget Sacha has been for us. We tell everyone that we couldn't have done this without Sacha by our side. We know she will be the right choice for whatever your next project entails!

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