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crafting visions - our PROCESS

Client Representation & Construction Management Services

Client Representative: At the forefront of everything we do is for you, our client. We are here for you in every facet of the renovation process.  Everything we do and stand for is to make the process of your renovation as seamless and stress-free as possible in order to create a wonderful home for you to enjoy. We are your advocate ensuring every detail is meticulously managed for your peace of mind. ​ Contractor Selection: We draw upon our extensive network of trusted contractors, ensuring that you are connected with the right professionals for your project's unique scope. We work closely with these contractors to develop a comprehensive plan that meticulously outlines timelines, budgets, and milestones, ensuring your project stays on course.   Budget Management: Our oversight extends to your project's finances, assuring that it adheres to budget. We take this job very seriously and work hard to identify opportunities for cost savings without sacrificing the integrity of your design or the quality. Whether it’s negotiating with suppliers, exploring alternative solutions or leveraging our industry connections, we’re committed to maximizing the value of every dollar spent on your project.  Rest assured; your budget is in good hands with us.   Quality Control: Quality is at the core of our principles. Our team conducts stringent quality checks at every juncture of the construction process, overseeing the contractor to guarantee that every facet of your project aligns with our exacting standards.   SJI Construction Management: Our experienced team works seamlessly with the selected contractor to harmoniously coordinate and oversee every detail with the contractor and address any issues promptly at regular onsite meetings.  Our back-of-house coordination of documentation ensures the smooth running of the renovation process which is an asset to everyone involved.

Interior Design Services

Conceptual Design: Our designers are not mere creators but collaborators who work closely with you to understand your unique vision, style, and specific requirements. They craft an original design concept that is exclusively tailored to your taste. Space Planning: Our meticulous approach involves an artful layout that optimizes functionality, enhances traffic flow, and weaves in aesthetics, ensuring that every inch of your space is efficiently utilized. Design Development: We take pride in producing a comprehensive set of drawings tailored to your project needs. From initial assessments of existing conditions to crafting 2D revised floorplan layout options, our team ensures that every aspect of your design is meticulously considered. Our elevations showcase detailed cabinetry layouts and any specific design details, ensuring that every element of your space is thoughtfully planned. Additionally, we methodically review cabinetry shop drawings to guarantee precision and alignment with the design intent at every stage of the process, ensuring that your vision is brought to life with precision and excellence. Cutting-Edge Technology: From start to finish, we harness cutting-edge technology, employing iGuides, CGI's, and Photography to provide you with virtual tours at every step of the process. This means you'll see your vision come to life before your eyes through computer-generated imagery and movies, and you'll have photographic documentation to track the progress. Lighting Design: The interplay of natural and artificial lighting is carefully considered, with fixtures and layouts designed to enhance both ambiance and functionality within your space. Material and Finish Selection: We possess an extensive network of suppliers and artisans to curate only the finest materials and finishes, guaranteeing both quality and style. Furniture and Décor Selection: Every furniture piece and decor item are meticulously sourced, selected, and often customized to perfectly align with the overall design concept, reflecting your individuality. Color Consultation: Our experts guide you in selecting the perfect color palette to conjure the desired atmosphere within your space.

Service Fees

Our fees are transparent and uniquely structured. We charge based on our team's time, with differing rates for each team member's work. Importantly, we do not take a commission on any products or services used in your project. Additionally, all trade savings, negotiated discounts, and cost efficiencies are directly passed onto you, our valued client.

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