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We worked with Sacha in various capacities. We started with a challenging setup, we bought a house to raise our family with three kids and we were looking for something that would feel modern, and happy for the kids. The house layout and interior were designed for another era and we wanted to bring it up.

We met with many interior designers to hear proposals of what to do with the place and Sacha's crisp and bold vision was what we were looking for.

We worked with her in three different capacities, and on each of them she was fantastic.  

First, she designed the new interior for the house, and it was a complex project based on the different room styles that we had to work with, sizes and budget. She planned and designed a new layout for various rooms both to create a more welcoming space, bring more light into the house, and provide an area for the kids to play near the adults. We turned the what used to be a wetbar into a glorious home office once our third kid was born and redesigned our basement to make it friendlier to kids and we redesigned the second floor to be more modern and family friendly. This is the high-level description, as other than the kitchen, we modified almost every other part of our place.

Secondly, this was a large project. Sacha Jacq took over the project management of the renovation, interview and sourcing contractors, getting quotes and proposals and keeping track of the day-to-day activities related to the renovation (we did it in two stages).

Lastly, when the project was complete, she helped us decorate the interiors - not an easy feat, as my husband and myself had liked different things. Sacha managed to find things that we both loved. Not only are the public spaces glorious, but we are very happy with how the kids bedrooms turned out.

We can only hope that we will be able to work with her in the future.

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