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Sacha Jacq is the best interior designer with whom I have ever worked. I worked with an interior designer who designed The Office of the President, Ken Chenault, who is now Chairman of American Express. I worked with another very well-known designer who designed a penthouse apartment of John Halpern, then senior partner of Bain and Company. I have worked with two other designers personally helping me pull together my house on the Cape and my condo in Boston. Not one of these terrific designers can hold a candle to Sacha's hands-on approach, attention to detail, approachability, cost savings and inspiration.

Recently I just moved to an apartment in Boston. Sacha measured every piece of furniture I own, measured every square inch of the apartment I was going to move into. She put three lay-outs on the computer. I pick one and all my furniture fit beautifully. We then went on to decorate with what I had - adding what I needed. I now have the perfect in-town apartment! Sacha saved me time and money and above all -- aggravation! Forgot to mention that she brought in an extremely capable gentlemen who hung all my pictures AND I was not home! When I returned from work everything was just perfect. Look no further. Sacha Jacq will do an outstanding job for you. She is the best. I can't recommend her highly enough!!

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