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Cape Cod Project-Completed Kitchen/Dining and Sitting Room

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

We are thrilled to share that we have just completed renovating our client's gorgeous waterfront retreat, located on Cape Cod.

Our renovations to the space included constructing an open floor plan for the kitchen/dining and sitting room areas for a more relaxed and airier feel.

To transform our client's beachside pied-a-terre into a an oasis of serenity, we kept the interiors to cool grey tones and misty greens. We installed all new custom cabinets in the shade "Unusual Grey" with brushed nickel accents to match. The subtle natural hues and heavily cushioned furnishings were added to maximize comfortability. Not to mention, the custom ottoman coffee table more than encourages feet up relaxation!

Not only did we create a new open kitchen concept, we also formed a huge peninsula to incorporate an integrated dining space. As seen in the photos below, we combined intricate woven rope design counter stools with thick base cushions to emulate natural seascape through the furniture selection. We paired the stools with oversized handwoven rattan bell formed pendants which sit perfectly together.

Last but not least, an unforeseen, and awkwardly located, down pipe became an opportunity incorporate a custom wine cabinet which we hope our client's are making the most of. Happy days on the cape can now begin!

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