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Cape Cod Project-Completed Master Bathroom

We have just finished renovating our client's exquisite Cape Cod home, including a drastic transformation to the master bathroom. We completely gutted this space in order to reconfigure the layout which included moving the toilet from the entrance of the room forming a much better flow and more usable space. An easy change on plan, however, with solid concrete floors it required some clever plumbing and raising the entire floor an extra 2”. Now that the client can see and appreciate it, it really was worthwhile! Tri finished 8” x 48” grey marble effect percaline tiles add interest with their finish and size laid upon radiant flooring; whilst the shower walls feature 16” x 48” white textured tile. To keep the space bright and elegant, we chose a neutral color palette and added a statement beachcrest double vanity with louvre shuttered doors to tie the room together. Check out the before and after transformations below!

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